TREC Publications

The TREC initiative has generated a wide range of collaborations, both within and across the TREC Centers, as well as with outside institutions. To that end, the listing of TREC publications will include publications directly supported by TREC as well as those stimulated by TREC collaborations, as defined below.

TREC-supported publications include the following:
  • Publications describing TREC-funded project data (i.e., the TREC grant number is cited in the manuscript).
  • Publications involving TREC investigators receiving TREC funds for salary support, including reviews, data from other energy balance-related work, and other scholarly work, whether or not the TREC grant number is cited in the manuscript.
TREC-stimulated publications include the following:
  • Publications describing research not directly supported by TREC funds, but affiliated through TREC connections, partnerships, scientific collaborations, etc. (However, if any component is TREC supported, it will be listed as TREC supported.)
  • Publications that result from TREC conferences, workshops, seminars, etc., but that are not directly supported by TREC funds.
The table below provides a list of TREC publications, shown in order by most recent publication date and lead author last name.

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James P, Hart JE, Hipp JA, Mitchell JA, Kerr J, Hurvitz P, Glanz K, Laden F. GPS-based Exposure to Greenness and Walkability and Accelorometry-based Physical Activity
. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2017.epub:
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Schadler K, Thomas NJ, Sturgeon K, Ryeom S. Tumor Vessel Normalization After Aerobic Exercise Enhances Chemotherapeutic Efficacy
. . 2016.7(40):
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